'Kerin, I am hugely impressed with your work.' Tharaphi.

'Thank you Kerin. It was an amazing experience talking to you... You touched my life in a profound way. Thank you.' Anamaria.


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Clinical Hypnotherapy/NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Courses.

(Delegates include Psychiatrists, Doctors, Nurses and Counsellors.)

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Psychic Readings: As heard interviewed on BBC Radio, Forest FM and Hot Radio.

(Readings provided to University Professors, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, United Nations Employees and Lawyers.) 

To arrange your telephone counselling appointment, or counselling / hypnotherapy session at the Wessex Health Network, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1PL phone 01425 674805, or email kerin@aurorahealing.uk .

Filmed at Bournemouth University for the 'Features For Change' documentary on psychic/mediumship.

As seen in the media...

Articles, Books And Radio Interviews:

BBC Radio, Mensa, Forest FM, The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook, Hot Radio, The NLP Model Magazine, The Language Pattern Bible.

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(Readings are also available IN PERSON at the Wessex Health Network, 17 Stour Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1PL.)

Psychic Development Training Sessions

Psychic Development Training Sessions, By Phone And Skype

Over the years, when giving readings it's been clear that many people are in search of spiritual development guidance, some directly asking me for such (which is why I eventually agreed to offer these training sessions by phone and Skype). For example, those with latent psychic abilities often ask me questions about how they could go about developing their mediumship skills. Some who are undergoing a spiritual awakening of some kind (called, variously, a 'psychic awakening', 'kundalini awakening', 'shamanic death and rebirth' or 'dark night of the soul', etc) seek help with me to navigate what can be both an uplifting, yet sometimes challenging experience. Others ask me questions about how to use visualisation techniques in order to draw closer to the Divine Spirit, their angelic spirit guides and their departed loved ones.

If any of these topics seem relevant to you, you might like to consider exploring some psychic development training with me, by phone or by Skype, from anywhere in the world. During psychic development training sessions we will cover many of the same methods that I teach to groups in the classroom in my Developing The Gift: Psychic Mediumship Development Course, including principles that many have used to successfully tap into latent mediumship skills, during which participants have connected with departed loved ones, angels, elementals and/or other spirit guides. Each psychic Development Training Session lasts for an hour, which includes time to experience a development exercise along with a tutorial session, where questions can be asked and explanations provided.

Topics covered can include:

* Exploring methods that can be used to help develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance and remote viewing abilities

* Learning how to begin to use visualisation methods to seek to connect with and receive evidence from departed loved ones, angels and spirit guides

* Employing psychic/spiritual protection methods to shield from psychic attack

* Sensing past lives

* Energy clearing techniques

* Psychic cord cutting

* Shamanic 'journeying' principles

* Soul retrieval methods

And more!

I've had an interest in spiritual issues and the paranormal since I was a child in the 1960s and I've sensed the presence of Spirit around me for as long as I can remember. In the early 1970s my English teacher at Montgomery of Alamein School in Winchester tested my psychic abilities, demonstrating that I scored well above chance, using Zener cards. As the years went by, with training and practise, my abilities developed significantly until I reached a level where I felt confident enough to begin giving readings on a professional basis. During this time, I read more books than I can remember on the subjects of psychotherapy, coaching and parapsychology. I have then both extensive knowledge - and significant experience gained working as a psychic/medium, which means that I can teach you from a position of qualified competence. What's more, I love working for Spirit. I consider my profession to be a 'high calling' and I therefore bring to my work the kind of enthusiasm you'd expect from someone who loves their work as much as I do.

Obviously, I can't guarantee to make you the next John Edward, or Lisa Williams, I'm aware, for example, that some few people attend spiritualist church development circles for years, sadly seeing little if any evidence of developing psychic abilities, but many others, especially those who've had spontaneous psychic experiences of their own, like sensing the presence of a spirit, or sometimes knowing what others are thinking or doing, or thinking of someone that they haven't seen in a while, only for them to phone or bump into them soon afterwards, etc, can and do make great progress, with the right kind of training.

To arrange your Psychic Development Training Session with me, use the following PayPal button to make your payment and apply. (Sessions are £40.00 for an hour.) I look forward to talking with you. Best wishes... Kerin

Kerin Webb: Clairvoyant Psychic/Medium, Based in Bransgore, Christchurch (near Bournemouth), Dorset, UK

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Telephone Counselling

Use this PayPal button to buy your Telephone Counselling session, or alternatively phone 01425 674805, or email kerin@aurorahealing.uk to arrange your in-person counselling session with me at the Wessex Health Network, 17 Stour Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1PL.


Westminster Indemnity: Approved Partner

Our practitioner training courses are recognised by Westminster Indemnity through which, upon successful completion, you can apply for insurance at a preferential rate by using the following link: Westminster Indemnity.