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The Language Pattern Bible

The Language Pattern Bible:

Indirect Hypnotherapy Patterns of Influence,

by Kerin Webb.


'I always mention your Language Pattern Bible on every course I teach and also in Facebook groups as it is quite an accomplishment and covers so much.' Stephen Brooks. Director, British Hypnosis Research and Training School.

'Excellent and very readable...' Dr. Emma Sainsbury. 

The Language Pattern Bible contains an A-Z exposition of Indirect Hypnotherapy language pattern principles.

languagepatternbibleWritten by Kerin Webb MA, D.Hyp of Aurora Healing Ltd the methods covered here are explained in easy to understand detail, with many examples provided which show you how these special hypnotherapy language patterns are developed and how you can replicate them.

Importantly, due to his expertise in the field of Indirect Hypnosis & NLP language patterns Kerin is also a contributing author for the new Clinical Hypnosis Textbook (third edition, published September 2015) for the Master's Degree training programme in clinical hypnotherapy for Robert Gordon University. This programme has been led by Professor Ursula James, who is the core textbook author, and chapter contributions have also been made by William Broom of the General Hypnotherapy Register and Dr Ernest Rossi, who is one of the world's leading hypnotherapists and co-author of several books, written with Dr Milton Erickson. You can be sure then, when reading The Language Pattern Bible, that you're studying high-calibre information presented by a recognised expert in the field, written to help empower you by increasing your competency and fluency in Ericksonian language.

The Language Pattern Bible will teach you how to learn, use and create your own versions of hundreds of therapeutic language patterns, ranging from all of the popular ones that are covered in many hypnotherapy and NLP training courses, to the more advanced kinds that will otherwise take you years to discover and learn.  Once you've fully absorbed the concepts conveyed in this book you'll be heading for mastery in the field of Indirect Hypnosis principles. 

Whether you want to learn about a specific language pattern, or just explore the contents at your leisure The Language Pattern Bible is very user friendly because it's been laid out in alphabetical order, like a dictionary, to make locating examples quick and easy to do.  You don't have to search through chapters and sub-headings, or fiddly reference points hidden away in the back of the book, instead you just flick straight to the alphabetical listing and the examples you need are right at your fingertips, ready to use. 

This unique book is very in depth, yet written in such a way that the principles covered are easy to understand, with many examples of each language pattern provided in order for you to quickly get the hang of them and begin to incorporate them into your hypnotic repertoire. 

'As a hypnotherapy trainer for years I'd looked for a book that explained hypnotic language patterns in an easy to understand way, which was readily accessible and - importantly - very comprehensive (I wanted something that covered more than just 'a few techniques'). But I didn't find one. So, I wrote my own! I believe that if you're truly committed to becoming a skilled hypnotherapist you'll get a lot out of this book. There's 670 pages of examples. And I show you how the language patterns are constructed and deconstructed so that you can easily begin to follow them. I'm also pleased to be able to tell you that even highly-skilled and well-established hypnotherapists still rate this book and get a lot out of it. Find out why by buying The Language Pattern Bible too.' Kerin Webb, MA, D.Hyp.

Kerin Webb has years of experience in clinical practice helping clients to make the changes they need to make in order to successfully overcome unwanted habits, fears and addictions while improving the overall quality of their lives, using Indirect Hypnosis/NLP methods. As a trainer, Kerin’s students have included psychiatrists, doctors and nurses, as well as many other talented people from all walks of life.  Kerin therefore writes from firsthand experience gained working on the frontline of a clinical hypnotherapy practise. 

'Revealing the hidden language of hypnosis for you...'

How to order

To obtain your copy of The Language Pattern Bible: Indirect Hypnotherapy Patterns of Influence purchase through any good bookshop or online retailer. This book contains 670 pages of advanced hypnotherapy instruction that you can refer to time and again. 







More testimonials:

'I am writing to say how very impressed I am with your book, The Language Pattern Bible. I am currently studying hypnotherapy, and will be recommending it to my classmates, and my tutor (if he doesn't own a copy already!). Thank you for sharing your knowledge - your content is generous, accessible, enjoyable and enlightening!! I've only just received it, but I can tell already that this is one of those rare books that I will refer to regularly in my future practice.' Christine.

'The Language Pattern Bible is an extremely well-researched and user friendly resource for the hypnotherapist or trainer. Kerin has done a superb job in creating a thorough and accurate volume with excellent examples and cogent explanations of the Ericksonian model. I recommend this book to all my advanced hypnosis students!' Dr. Mike Mandel, Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor, NLP Canada.

'Recently, I purchased your book the Language Pattern Bible and was significantly impressed by the quantity, quality and presentation of the various language patterns and suggestions. It has fast become one of my favourite books... I see exceptional value in your book and would love to see it used as a reference guide in most if not all hypnotherapy and NLP training organizations in Australia.' Paul Mischel, Dip CHt, P.Grad Dip Psychotherapy, Cert I deo-Ego Dynamics - NLP Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Australia.

'This is a must for any professional hypnotherapist and anyone looking to use hypnotic language patterns skillfully and actually understand them too. This book represents the most comprehensive, in-depth and exhaustive work in the hypnotic language field. It is easy to read and understand and fills you with many “oh..yeah..” moments. The hypnotherapist who does not own a copy of the hypnotic language pattern Bible by Kerin Webb is going to lag behind those of us that do! I wish I had this book years ago!' Adam Eason MHA, Author and Hypnosis Trainer.

For more feedback visit Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Look at what's inside:

Here are some examples of the language patterns and techniques that are covered in the pages of The Language Pattern Bible: Indirect Hypnotherapy Patterns of Influence...

* Adverbial Clauses

* Adverbial Clauses

* Affect Effect

* Age Regression Suggestion

* Age Regression Suggestion Including Anchoring And Future Pacing (1)

* Age Regression Suggestion Including Anchoring And Future Pacing (2)

* Age Regression Suggestion With Resource Location

* Agreement Structure Reorientation

* All Good Things

* Alliteration

* Altered State of Awareness Suggestion (To Facilitate Hypnosis)

* Ambiguity Suggestion

* Ambiguous Deletions

* Ambiguous Tasking

* Amnesia Suggestion (A)

* Amnesia Suggestion (B)

* Anaesthesia Suggestion

* Analogue Marking

* Analogy

* Analogy (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Anchoring (Linguistically)

* And

* Another Outcome (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Apply To Self (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Apposition Of Opposites

* Approach Binds

* Arm Levitation (1)

* Arm Levitation (2)

* Arm Levitation – Richard Bandler Style

* Associated Language

* Association

* As You Do That

* Attribution Of Emotions (1)

* Attribution Of Emotions (2)

* Attribution Of Emotions (3)

* Auditory Coordinates

* Avoidance Binds

* Become

* Best Guess

* Better Ways Than That / Comparative Pattern

* Bind / Simple Bind

* Biofeedback Strategy

* Brooks Rule (The)

* Building Excitement And Expectations

* Building Response Potential

* But Don’t

* Calibration / Dialing

* Cartesian Logic

* Cause And Effect

* Certain

* Chaining Modal Operators

* Challenge (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Challenging

* Change Of Place Verbs

* Change Of Reference Frame Size (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Change Of State Verbs

* Change Of Time Verbs And Adverbs

* Change Work

* Characterisations

* Chunk Size (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Clean Language

* Cleft Sentence

* Client’s World

* Clustered Suggestions

* Commentary Adjectives And Adverbs

* Comparative – As

* Comparative Deletion

* Comparatives

* Comparison Of Opposites

* Complex Equivalence

* Compound Suggestion (1)

* Compound Suggestion (2)

* Compound Suggestion (3)

* Confusion Technique

* Conjectures And Conclusions

* Conjunctions

* Conscious Unconscious Dissociation Association

* Conscious Unconscious Double Bind

* Conscious Unconscious Double Dissociated Double Bind

* Consequences (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Context Reframing

* Contingent Suggestions (1)

* Contingent Suggestions (2)

* Contrary To Expectation

* Conversational Hypnosis

* Conversational Postulate

* Coué Bind

* Counter Example (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Counter Factual Conditional Clauses

* Coupled Words

* Covering All Possible Alternatives

* Creating An Environment For Change

* Creating Doubt

* Decision Conditioning

* DeConsciousing

* Deductive Language Patterns

* Definite Descriptions

* Deletion

* Dependent Suggestions

* Derivative Example

* Derivative Suggestion

* Desired Direction

* Desired Outcome

* Directive Suggestion

* Direct Suggestion

* Disjunctions

* Dissociated Associated Unconscious Conscious Double Bind

* Dissociated Double Bind

* Dissociative Language

* Distortion

* Distraction

* Do It Now

* Double Bind

* Double Dissociated Double Bind

* Doubt

* Early Learning Set Inductions

* Eirenicon Suggestions

* Elicitation Of Universal Experience

* Elvis Effect

* Embedded Commands

* Embedded Questions

* Emotional Content

* Emotional Shifting

* Emotion Binds

* Exactitude

* Extended Quotes

* Eyes-Closed Trance / Eyes-Open Trance

* Factive Verbs And Adjectives

* Fantasy

* Find

* Fixation

* Fluff

* Focussing

* Frame Size

* Framing

* Frustrating The Response

* Future Pacing

* Generalisation

* Generative Change Suggestion

* Generic Noun Phrases

* Globalising

* Hallucination Elicitation For Hypnotic Change

* Hierarchy Of Criteria (Sleight Of Mouth)

* However

* Idea Bind

* Idea Double Bind

* Ideo Affective Suggestions

* Ideocognitive Suggestion

* Ideo Motor Suggestion

* Ideosensory Suggestion

* I Don’t Know

* Illusion Of Choice

* Illusion That Something Is There / Not There

* I’m Not Going To Tell You

* Implication

* Implied Causative

* Implied Connection

* Implied Directive

* Implied Separation Of Body And Mind

* Implied Simultaneity

* Impossible Problems / Impossible Solutions

* Indirect Focussing

* Indirect Framing

* Indirect Ideomatic Focusing

* Indirect Induction

* Inductive Language Patterns

* Insecurity

* Intention (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Interspersal Technique

* Intuition

* It’s

* Jeet Kune Do Therapy

* Juxtaposed Options

* Kinaesthetic Coordinates

* Knowing

* Lack Of Referential Index

* Leading Leading Questions

* Left Right, Right Left

* Less The More (The)

* Levels Of Abstraction

* Liedentity

* Like You

* Limits

* Linking Language

* Linking Words

* Listen

* Loaded Binds

* Loaded Language

* Location Binds

* Lost Performative

* Magical Because

* Maybe

* Meaning Reframes

* Meta Frame (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Meta Model

* Metaphors

* Milton Model

* Mind Reading

* Mirror Grammar

* Misdirection – A Derren Brown Technique

* Modal Operator Of Necessity

* Modal Operator Of Possibility

* Model Of The World (Sleight Of Mouth)

* More The Less (The)

* More The More (The)

* Motion Creates Emotion (Tony Robbins)

* Multiple Tasking Language

* My Voice Will Go With You

* Negation

* Negative Questions

* Negatives (Tag Questions)

* Negative Suggestions

* Nominalisation

* Non Sequitur Suggestions

* Not Doing

* Not Knowing

* Not Doing + Not Knowing

* Not Only…But Also

* Obtaining Permission To Change

* Oh Really?

* Only

* Open Ended Suggestion

* Ordinal Numbers

* Oxymoron

* Pacing Current Experience

* Panic Diffusion

* Paradoxing

* Pausing

* Perceptual Positions

* Phonological Ambiguity

* Pivot Grammar

* Polarity Response Depotentiators

* Possibility To Probability

* Post Hypnotic Suggestion

* Power Words (Dick Sutphen Style Suggestions)

* Predictions

* Pre Hypnotic Suggestion

* Prescribing The Behaviour

* Presuppositional Language (1) Time

* Presuppositional Language (2) Space

* Presuppositional Language (3) Temporariness And Permanence

* Presuppositional Language (4) Change

* Prior Cause

* Proper Names

* Pseudo Cleft Sentence

* Punctuation Ambiguity

* Questions (Closed)

* Questions Facilitating A Therapeutic Response

* Questions Facilitating New Response Potentials

* Questions (Hypnotic)

* Questions (Open)

* Quotes

* Rapid Suggestions

* Reality Strategy (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Rear Loaded Suggestions

* Recapping Questions

* Redefine (Sleight Of Mouth)

* Referential Shifting

* Reframing

* Relative Clauses

* Relaxing The Changes To Happen

* Repeated Words

* Repetitive Cue Words

* Repetitive Verbs And Adverbs

* Replaying

* Resist And Yield

* Resistant Clients

* Resource Double Binds

* Respect Phrases

* Response Contingent Bind Double Bind

* Reversed Coué’s Law

* Reverse Set Double Bind

* Reverse Yes Set

* Reversing Presuppositions

* Revivification

* Reward

* Rhetorical Questions

* Rhythm

* Rhythming And Rhyming

* Scope Ambiguity

* Seeding

* Selectional Restriction Violation

* Semantically Charged Words

* Sensation Double Binds

* Sensing

* Sensory Overload

* Sensory Specific Language

* Serial Suggestions

* Shifting

* Shock

* Shoelace Tying

* Silence

* Simple Binds

* Simple Deletion

* Simple Generalisation

* Simple Time Bind

* Some People

* Sorting Patterns (1)

* Sorting Patterns (2) Moving Away From

* Sorting Patterns (3) Moving Towards

* Sorting Patterns (4) Moving Away From And Towards

* Sorting Patterns (5) Specificity

* Sorting Patterns (6) Generality

* Sorting Patterns (7) Specificity And Generality

* Sorting Patterns (8) Sorting For Others

* Sorting Patterns (9) Sorting For Self

* Sorting Patterns (10) Sorting For Others And Self

* Sorting Patterns (11) Sorting For Good

* Sorting Patterns (12) Sorting For Bad

* Sorting Patterns (13) Sorting For Good And Bad

* Sorting Patterns (14) Internal Frame Of Reference

* Sorting Patterns (15) External Frame Of Reference

* Sorting Patterns (16) Internal And External Frame Of Reference

* Sorting Patterns (17) Sorting For Possibility

* Sorting Patterns (18) Sorting For Necessity

* Sorting Patterns (19) Sorting For Possibility And Necessity

* Sorting Patterns (20) Sorting For Similarity

* Sorting Patterns (21) Sorting For Difference

* Sorting Patterns (22) Sorting For Similarity And Difference

* Sorting Patterns (23) Sorting In Time

* Sorting Patterns (24) Sorting Through Time

* Sorting Patterns (25) Sorting In Time And Through Time

* So, What Does This Tell You?

* Specific Deletions

* Spelling The Suggestion

* Spurious Not

* Stacking

* Static Words

* Stop

* Style Of No Style

* Submodality Language (1) 

* Submodality Language (2) Auditory

* Submodality Language (3) Gustatory

* Submodality Language (4) Kinaesthetic

* Submodality Language (5) Olfactory

* Submodality Language (6) Space

* Submodality Language (7) Time

* Submodality Language (8) Visual

* Subordinate Clause Of Time

* Suggestion Of Unconscious Learning / Behaviour

* Suggestions To Generate Arm Levitation

* Switch Referential Index (Sleight of Mouth)

* Sylver Method

* Symptom Prescription

* Syntactic Ambiguity

* Tag Questions

* Taking It To Threshold

* Tautology

* Teasing

* Tell You

* Tempo

* Temporal Predicates

* That’s A Very Good Question

* That’s Right

* Think About It

* Think About That Think About This

* Thinking / Thought Binds

* Time Binds

* Time Distortion

* Time Double Binds

* Time Released Suggestions

* Tonal Dissociation

* Tonality

* Transderivational Search

* Triggers

* Trinity Phrases

* Truisms

* Truisms About Sensation And Time

* Try

* Unconscious Conscious Dissociation Association

* Unconscious Conscious Separation

* Undeniable Non Specifics

* Universal Deletions

* Universal Quantifier

* Unpacking

* Unspecified Verb

* Until

* Utilisation

* Verb Tenses

* Visual Coordinates

* Wander

* Weighted Language

* WH Words

* Xenocoding

* Yes But

* Yes Set

* Yes-Set Pacing And Leading

* Yet

* You Might

* Zooming

...and more!

Additional analysis and commentary

Professor Frank Farrelly at Eos Seminars Ltd

The Language Pattern Bible includes commentary and analysis of principles utilised by other notable practitioners of hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy, including, Dr Richard Bandler (co-developer of Neuro Linguistic Programming / NLP), Stephen Brooks (indirect hypnotherapist), Frank Farrelly A.C.S.W (developer of Provocative Therapy), Carol Lankton MA (hypnotherapist and student of Dr Milton Erickson), Paul McKenna PhD (TV hypnotherapist / NLP expert), Anthony Robbins (Performance Coach, NLP / NAC exponent), based on Kerin Webb's observations.


Kerin Webb Hypnotising Stephen Brooks

The Language Pattern Bible also includes detailed scripts demonstrating 'Milton Model' and 'Rossi Model' language patterns at work, along with a detailed commentary on Provocative Therapy, as practised by Frank Farrelly A.C.S.W. Plus... it includes articles on subjects of interest to practitioners of hypnosis, such as phobias, developing confidence and positive thinking.

For professionals and the public

The Language Pattern Bible is an excellent resource for professional wordsmiths who need to know how to utilise language accurately in order to help elicit desired responses for their clients. However, because it's written in a readily accessible format it's also of interest to members of the public who wish to learn more about the power of words. Obtain your copy through any good bookstore or online retailer, including Amazon.

Carol Lankton MA at Eos Seminars Ltd'Discover the world of trance...formational language with me.' Kerin Webb, MA, D.Hyp.


(Photos in this section.  1) Kerin & Gill Webb with Frank & June Farrelly. 2) Kerin Webb hypnotising Stephen Brooks at Roehampton University. 3) Kerin & Gill Webb with Carol Lankton.)


As promoted by The British Board of NLP (BBNLP), The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and The Hypnotherapy Society (HS).







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